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Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You have any concerns, feedback, or input you want to share about the MSS, the Faculty of Science, or being a second year science student

  2. You want to know more about the opportunities and programming the MSS provides

  3. You want to learn about how you can get involved with the MSS or about running for First Year Rep.

  4. You want to talk about science or integrating the sciences

Angelina Lam

2nd Year Rep –

Integrated Science II

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi MacSci! My name is Angelina and I'm excited to be representing you again on the MSS as Second Year Rep! Continuing from last year, my goals include increasing outreach of MSS initiatives, continuing to bring you relevant opportunities, helping second years transfer smoothly into specializations, and improving transparency. As always, if you have any concerns or want to talk science, feel free to reach out!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Organize a 2nd Year Q&A Event

  2. Voice the concerns of science students, especially those in second year

  3. Liaise with science program societies to better understand student needs and experiences

  4. Improve communications and outreach to the student body about MSS resources

  5. Help bring you relevant opportunities, such as by maintaining the McMaster Science Opportunity Board, the McMaster Science Course Advice Forum, and more

Fun Fact About Me ​

In middle school, I played violin at the Integral House!

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