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Ellen Cheng

3rd Year Rep. –

Biology & Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi MacSci! My name is Ellen and I am a new face to the MSS, but I am honoured to be your Third Year Representative for 2020-2021. With this year being my first time on the team, I am excited to bring an outside perspective to the MSS and advocate on your behalf. Please feel free to contact me anytime (bonus points if you catch me during my 2 a.m. caffeine-fueled study grinds)

Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You have questions regarding the MSS or MSS-affiliated events, services, and resources

  2. You have questions, comments, or concerns about Level III Science

  3. You have feedback about how the MSS can improve

  4. You want one of my plant babies (please take them, I have too many)

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Evaluate, improve, and define the responsibilities of the role of Year Representatives

  2. Increase student engagement and provide student-demand-based support

  3. Collect and compile student feedback pertaining to the MSS and how we can improve

  4. Advocate on behalf of Level III science students

Fun Fact About Me ​

Despite getting the same injury every single year, I always go back to dragon boating in my spare time (injuries can't tame this A-frame 😤  )

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