Daniel Antonenko

4th Year Rep –

Biology-Physiology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

​Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm excited to be the 4th Year Rep for 2019-2020! Aside from MSS, I enjoy messing around on photoshop, discovering new artists on Spotify, and gaming!

Reasons to Contact Me 

  1. ​If you're interested in becoming more involved on campus in any way

  2. To voice any questions/ideas/feedback regarding the MSS

  3. If you're looking to chat with someone about any topic

  4. You're still playing Pokemon Go and want to add a friend

Goals and Projects

  1. Providing academic resources for larger upper year courses

  2. Collaborating with program societies to improve social and academic support of upper year students

  3. Advocating for continued awareness of and involvement in MSS services by fourth year students

  4. Providing support for any science students seeking help or to voice their questions/concerns ​

Fun Fact About Me ​

I've lived in 3 countries and been to over 20

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