Gurinder Sandhu

Honours Life Sciences V

"Physics 1A03 Physics 1AA3 Physics 1C03 Physics 1CC3 Biology 1M03 Biology 1A03 STATS 2B03 Chem 1A03 Chem 1AA3 Psych 1X03 Psych 1XX3 KINESIOL 1Y03/2Y03 Kinesiol 1YY3/2YY3 LIFESCI 2N03 Biology 2F03 Biology 2B03 LIFESCI 2H03 LIFESCI 2A03 PSYCH 2C03 LIFESCI 3D03 LIFESCI 3AA3 LIFESCI 2L03 LIFESCI 3Q03 "

"You're a wizard, Harry"

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