Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have questions about academic services, resources, ongoing projects, and policies.

  2. You have feedback and suggestions for our surveys and academic events.

  3. You would like to more heavily participate in academic advocacy.

  4. You want to talk about Game of Thrones or send each other dog pictures.

Jennifer Kim

Academic Advocacy Coordinator –

Medical Radiation Sciences III

My Year Plan

About Me


Hi there! I am beyond ecstatic to be joining the MSS and to be contributing to an amazing community! MacSci has been nothing but incredible to me, and I hope to give back to the Faculty of Science. My passions lie in music, animals, healthy living, Oxford commas, and sci-fi! I look forward to a productive and progressive year with all of you!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Generate and conduct surveys to discover areas of improvement within academia at McMaster and the Faculty of Science.

  2. Improve collaboration between the MSS and program societies, SRA, MSU, and other organizations.

  3. Enhance the student opportunity to provide constructive feedback on academic services and policies.

  4. Establish a division of academic advocacy within the Faculty of Science.

Fun Fact About Me 

I have a dog despite being allergic to dogs!

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