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We would like to take this time to acknowledge those that have helped me in the operation and maintenance of this website. Managing and updating a large website is a daunting task, and if it wasn't for the help of these many people / resources, the result could have been very different. If you would like help in creating or managing a website of your own, feel free to reach out to myself or use the resources I have provided below!


Monish Ahluwalia

Monish was the 2018-2019 MSS President and was the creator of the new website. Nearly every page on this website was created by him, from scratch. From colour schemes to design language, this entire website is his creation.

Connor MacLean

Connor was the 2017-18 MSS President and was a huge help with setting up the new website. From helping reconfigure the domain to changing the fonts, he played a huge part in this site becoming a reality.

Anjali Narayanan

Anjali was the Webmaster before Monish and was responsible for maintaining the previous Wordpress website. I appreciate her help in transitioning and suggesting Wix as an option for recreating the website.

Shara Chowdhury

Shara was the Webmaster before Anjali and was responsible for creating the MSS's first website ever. It was due to her efforts in previous years that we were able to take the Wordpress website and transform it into what it is today. 


Daksh Datta

Daksh was the 2017-18 MSS Webmaster. He helped further streamline all aspects of the website, upgrading outdated apps and functions into the latest that Wix has to offer.


Vraj Shah

Vraj was the 2019-20 MSS Webmaster. He helped further streamline the website, upgrade unnecessary functions into the latest that Wix has to offer. He also worked to make the website mobile-friendly.



This website has a huge repository of images that are used in the majority of the graphics put out by the MSS. The site has an ever-increasing number of vectors, icons, PSDs, and photos to use for free, making it an invaluable resource for the MSS.

The Noun Project

The website that gave me access to millions of icons, created by graphic designers around the world, for free. They have been a tool to decorate this website.

To give credit, I have showcased all the icons I have used here.


Copyblogger has provided me access to many articles on website design and structure that have helped me create this website. I highly encourage you to read articles on their website if you would like to create a website or blog of your own!


While we did pay Wix to get rid of their advertisements, it's important to acknowledge the software used to create this website. Wix is a fantastic software and has allowed me to construct this website even without a template. I will also admit that the music they play while you're on hold for half an hour is quite catchy.

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