Areeba Sharafuddin

Arts Director  –

Honours Biology III

My Year Plan

About Me

Much like Troy Bolton's dilemma of choosing basketball or music, I was at a crossroad when coming to McMaster: can I choose the arts even as a science major? It took some time (and a few musical numbers) to realize that I could do both, and as your new Arts Director, I'm here to bridge the gap between the arts and science to show you the beautiful masterpiece that can be produced as a result.

Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You're interested in advocating for the arts and helping bridge the gap between the arts and sciences.

  2. You'd like to get involved in the arts as a member of the Arts Committee, regardless of your level of experience.

  3. You have some fun ideas or events that would engage the McMaster community with the arts.

  4. You have questions or are curious about the Honours Biology specialization.

  5. You'd like to share or receive some movie recommendations.

  6. You'd like to watch (and quote along to) Vine compilations for obscenely long periods of time.

  7. You'd like to have a jam session with some good old throwback pop songs.

Goals and Projects β€‹

  1. Working off of last year's Ultimate Art Show to showcase a diverse range of art forms and various artistic groups and artists.

  2. Showcasing the work of McMaster artists in the Ultimate Art Show and other social media platforms through the McMaster Science Society to break misconceptions of the arts in the science community.

  3. Ensuring inclusive and equitable access and programming for all in the events and programs.

  4. Hosting various smaller events with the help of the Arts Committee through the McMaster Science Society to advocate for the arts in the science community.

  5. Hosting arts-related destressor events throughout the school year to introduce and explore the artistic side of students in the McMaster community.

  6. Assisting the MacSci Musical team with any artistic projects to bring their performance to life (i.e. set design, props).

Fun Fact About Me β€‹

I met Robert Munsch in elementary school, got a signed copy of his book, 'Playhouse,' and got to be on CTV News reading one of his books in the background while the news anchor did a sign-off. Everyone saw me on TV except myself because I couldn't find the channel at the right time.

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