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Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. To ask about resources available on campus related to Athletics and Wellness!

  2. Connect to your share ideas and feedback about past or present events!

  3. You wish to learn more about my plans/goals for the year!

  4. To hear some quality science jokes to help brighten up your studying!

Raika Bourmand

Athletics & Wellness Director ―

Honours Kinesiology III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey MacSci! My name is Raika Bourmand and I'm so excited to be an executive on the MSS this year as the Athletics and Wellness Director. If on campus, you can be sure to find me studying at Mills, in the pop-up gym, or working hard to make sure that you will have the best time at the coming tournaments and wellness events! As busy science students, I hope these events provide alkynes of stress-relief and enjoyment. I'd tell you a science joke, but all the good ones Argon...Hope to see you at our next event soon!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. To facilitate MacSci favourites this academic year (Basketball tournament, Bob Ross paint night)!

  2. To promote physical activity and health through workout ideas and videos by McMaster's own trainers!

  3. To promote wellness education on topics such as nutrition, meditation, mental health!

  4. To connect students with external resources provided on and off campus!

Fun Fact About Me ​

I've met Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...TWICE!

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