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Applications for the Athletics and Wellness Planning Team are currently CLOSED.


The MSS would like to host several events focused on promoting physical and mental wellbeing within our MacSci family as well as the McMaster community. In order for this to be accomplished, we require a team of dedicated individuals working together to coordinate the planning of events such as Fall/Winter Intramurals, Sports Tournaments and one large-scale event. This year, we will be hiring a team of three individuals to work with Abhishek Achunair, the Athletics and Wellness Director. The team will include a Logistics Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Events Coordinator.


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Role Responsibilities

Logistics Coordinator

The logistics coordinator would be working closely with the Athletics and Wellness Director and is responsible for ensuring that room bookings, dates of any large-scale events, and collecting of funds (from intramural teams) are kept on track. The logistics coordinator would also be responsible for keeping logs and records of the funds available to ensure that all the finances are budgeted and allocated appropriately for any athletics and wellness related events. A logistics coordinator is required to have optimal organizational and communication skills to prevent any errors during the planning process of any event conducted throughout the year.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for hiring and overseeing all volunteers and ensuring that there is minimal conflict with the volunteers when helping plan and run events. The Volunteer Coordinator will also be responsible for coordinating with science program societies and motivating volunteers to stay on task. To perform optimally in this role, one has to display effective collaborative and communication skills to maintain a good relationship with the volunteers and the program societies.


Events Coordinator

The events coordinator will be responsible for coordinating events and overseeing that the events run smoothly the day of. The Events Coordinator would work closely with the Athletics and Wellness Director to help plan events months before the day of the event to prevent any last minute changes or disruptions. The Events Coordinator will also be responsible for communicating with the promotions team to ensure that all promotional material are released on time with the correct dates and locations. To be an optimal candidate for this role, one has to display creativity and passion toward making sure that the events are hosted to their best.

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