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About Us​

Current Presidents: 

Kush Patel and Naomy Kaplan 

The undergraduate Biochemistry program enrols over 500 students but we know that there is more to being in this department than a shared academic fervour. We all come from diverse demographics, have different goals and ideas, but regardless of where you come from, we are here to support and help you get to where you want to be. Through mentorship programs, opportunities to meet professors as well as other professionals, and a variety of social events, we seek to make your undergraduate experience as meaningful and productive as possible. We also hope that our initiatives help you make friends and form a peer network – everything is better with friends. Although this fall term has been converted to an online system, our VPs have been working very hard to come up with creative ways to hold our yearly events as well as new ones through various platforms. Despite the challenges, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming year and to (virtually) meet you all! Please do not hesitate to contact us and provide us with some feedback if we can become of better service to you!

Biochemistry and Biomedical Science Society

Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences | Office Hours: Upon Request

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Annual Events​

The BBSS hosts many events throughout the year:

  • Welcome Social - An annual event that allows for incoming second year students to meet each other as well as their broteins while doing a fun activity. It is normally held at Steel City Billiards but this year it will be an online event during the first few weeks of school.

  • Research Information Night - An opportunity for students to learn about the process of applying for a research position with a professor. This event will be an online presentation in the fall semester.

  • Meet the Profs - Students can meet and facilitate relationships with professors through questions about their research to gain a better understanding of who they would like to apply to in the future. This event will be online in the fall semester.

  • Careers Night - There are various professions that stem from an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry. For this event, students are able to hear about different career paths from professionals in each. This event will be held during second semester.

  • Midterm Review Sessions - BIOCHEM 2B03 is a mandatory second year course for anyone in Biochemistry. These sessions are provided to help students study for the midterms and will be held during second semester.

  • Clothing Sale - Our annual clothing sale is held during first semester and is one of our renowned events. There will be sweaters, T-shirts, and more! We have many logos and colours to choose from. One of the items will include the winning student’s design from our design contest.

  • Intramural Teams - We have a BBSS sports team that plays weekly. Anyone is welcome to join! This year in person sports events will not be held first semester, but we are hopeful for a return in Winter 2021.

  • 1st Year Recruitment Night - An opportunity for first year students to ask us questions about the program! This event will be held during the second semester. More information can be found on our Facebook page and website.

Please check out for all of our events and updates.

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