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Monique Cheng and Victoria Winslow

The McMaster Biology Society is dedicated to enhancing the university experience for all students in biology. The goal of the Biology Society is to plan academic and social events that enable valuable interactions between students and professors outside of the classroom. We are here to represent the opinions of biology students to the Department of Biology, and encourage all students to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns! The society is composed of an amazing team of students in various program specializations who are ready to support you in your undergraduate career.

Biology Society

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Annual Events​

  • First Year Welcome: An event for first year students to network and mingle with their cohort, upper-year students, and biology professors. A short presentation welcoming students to the department is followed by a mix and mingle session, with pizza and drinks provided.

  • Wine and Cheese: For students looking into research opportunities within the Department of Biology. This event gives a chance for students to network with peers and professors.

  • Biology Research Information Night: This night includes presentations from the professors, current thesis students, and past thesis students with the aim of answering any questions about research in the Department of Biology. Presentations include information on all the project-based courses available in the department, how to find a thesis supervisor, and more! The event ends with a networking session between students and professors. Biology 1M03 & 1A03

  • Review Sessions: Held prior to each midterm, these events involve reviewing course content, going through practice questions, and one-on-one Q&A's with our upper-year biology execs/volunteers.

  • Mock Multiple Mini-Interviews: At this event you can experience the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) style applied in many professional school interviews, in a low stress environment.

  • Reptile Night: This night is an opportunity for students to enjoy a fun evening including a presentation on insect biodiversity and a live reptile show.

  • Program Specialization Socials: Events for students to meet peers in their own specializations (e.g. Molecular Biology & Genetics, Biology Physiology, Biology & Environmental Science, etc.) with casual mingling and snacks!

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