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What has been brought to light over the past few months is not an outlier, but are some of many examples of ongoing systemic oppression and anti-Black violence. Many more of those examples are present each and every day for BIPOC students - the institution of science has an extensive history of interpersonal and systemic racism against BIPOC individuals. We recognize that the MSS has failed in its goal to enhance the undergraduate science student experience by not offering support specifically to Black and Indigenous students, communities who are most affected by these systemic barriers. With that, we are dedicated to building an accessible and inclusive science community moving forward.

With the goal to better support our BIPOC community at McMaster, the MSS Action Plan outlines the projects and initiatives we aim to accomplish both this year and beyond, to begin to provide relevant support and resources to BIPOC students. This is an ongoing project that we’ll continue to add upon as we receive feedback from our community, so please don’t hesitate to fill out the feedback form if you do have any suggestions, comments, or concerns. We’re also reaching out to ask for feedback on your experience as a BIPOC student in McMaster Science and how we can do better. All of the information provided will remain anonymous. This information will go towards helping the MSS build a society that supports all students, especially those who’ve been systemically pushed out of the scientific community.

Specifically for Black and Indigenous students in science, the MSS recognizes that the events being brought to light are affecting them physically, mentally, and academically. We’ve included resources from both in the McMaster community and beyond for those who are looking for support and those looking for ways to support the community during this time.

The MSS stands in solidarity with the Black and Indigenous communities during this time, and we support the calls for systemic change from around the globe.This movement shall not be dismissed as a moment, and we are ready to begin building a community that supports all science students for years to come.

 Thank you to the Black Students’ Association at McMaster, Blackspace McMaster, and the Black Student Mentorship Program for your time and feedback on this project.

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