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Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. For questions about the content in the meeting minutes or further clarification of specific topics mentioned

  2. If you want to see anything specific within the Science Lounge, or have any creative ideas/suggestive comments about how it can be improved

  3. For suggestions/comments/ feedback about the meeting minutes and how they can be improved

  4. To figure out how you are able to contact specific MSS exec members during their office hour time slot

  5. If you want to chat, make a new friend or learn more about the MSS as a whole

Jonathan Lai

Internal Operations Officer –

Integrated Science (Biochemistry Concentration) III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hello! My name is Jonathan, I am going into my third year of Integrated Science and this is my first year on the MSS volunteering in the role of your Internal Operations Officer! I'm excited to be able to provide you with the MSS meeting minutes, as well as the opportunity to redesign the Science Lounge. On campus, you'll likely be able to find me on second floor Mills (the red room). Some of my favourite things to do are going to the gym, watching Youtube/movies/tv-shows/anything media related, playing sports and obviously eating!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Work on the transparency, organization and accessibility within the MSS and Faculty of Science

  2. Creating meeting minutes that are concise, organized and able to be easily accessed by all students within the Faculty of Science

  3. Assist the MSS President, VP Internal and the rest of the Internal Portfolio to ensure events run smoothly throughout the year

  4. To redesign the Science Lounge so that it is a place where students can both academically and socially support one another.

  5. Continue to provide a space in the MSS office that showcases MacSci pride, welcomes all student questions and provides students with friendly faces to get them the help they need

Fun Fact About Me ​

My favourite sport is surfing on the FlowRider (if you don't know what that is search it up)!

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