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About Us​

Current Presidents: 

Negar Asli and Sami Sabbah

The McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences (MUSCS) is a Program Society made up of undergraduate students representing the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at McMaster. As a relatively small Level II specialization, our society strives to enhance the sense of community that exists within our cohort. We provide academic and social events to create space for students to take a break from their sometimes solitary laboratory projects, and build connections to foster academic and social wellbeing. With this coming semester comes new challenges but we are excited to use this as an opportunity for growth and provide more accessible resources to our cohort.

McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences

Chemical Sciences | Office Hours: Available upon request. Please email us at If you have any other thoughts as well we would love to hear them so please reach out.

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Exec Pic - McMaster Undergraduate Societ
Exec Pic - McMaster Undergraduate Societ



Annual Events​

  • Welcome Back Social: A social event at the beginning of the year to welcome students back to the program. This is usually a wine and cheese but will be modified this year to accommodate the virtual setting.

  • T-Shirt & Sweater Sales: Purchase ChemSci attire!

  • Weekly Coffee/Tea: this will be a session hosted for various years on zoom calls. This will give students a chance to see others in their cohort and chat. This will be incredibly helpful considering minimal interaction throughout the year due to the virtual fall semester.

  • Movie Night: we will be hosting various movie nights via Netflix party on different genres of movies! This will be a super chill event so student can come and go as they wish.

  • Mole Day Cupcake Sale: On mole day, we bake up the entire periodic table, where all proceeds will go to charity! TBD

  • Graduate Information Session: Where Canadian universities send representatives to discuss their research for students seeking to complete graduate studies. Will move online November 2020.

  • Candy Grams: A service that allows you to send candy to friends. TBD

  • Exam De-Stresser: Another fun and relaxed event for students before exams with the company of our fun canine friends. TBD

  • Thesis Information Night: During this event upper years from various different labs will be invited to speak on their experiences about their 4th year thesis project. There will be a short presentation followed by Q&A and networking session.