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About Us​

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Lily Diaz & Matt Jokel

Welcome to MUSCS, also known as the McMaster Undergraduate Society for the Chemical Sciences! While being concentrated and analytical

inside the lab is always an asset for a chemistry student, we believe letting go and having fun with friends should be a point of focus outside the lab. For this reason, our society hosts a wide variety of events, both social and academic. We have meet and greets and mentorship groups with the professors, as well as events to unwind during the semester, have fun and mingle with our fellow chemists!

Annual Events​

Welcome Back Social: A social event at the beginning of the year to welcome students back to the program.

T-Shirt & Sweater Sales: Purchase ChemSci attire!

Mole Day Cupcake Sale: On mole day, we bake up the entire periodic table, where all proceeds will go to charity!

Graduate Information Session: Where Canadian universities send representatives to discuss their research for students seeking to complete graduate studies.

Paintball Night: A fun social event for students in ChemSci.

Candy Grams: A service that allows you to send candy to friends. How cute is that?

Exam De-Stresser: Another fun and relaxed event for students before exams with the company of our fun canine friends.

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