Saadia Shahid

Cinematographer –

Biology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

I have a passion for creativity, and I strive to improve my skills in the creative outlets I have familiarized myself with or had the good fortune to acquaint myself with. I value freedom above most things. I think if at any point you feel your freedom and autonomy being questioned in a situation, you need to immediately get out of it. This has been one of the strongest driving factors in my personal development.

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. For a photoshoot — events, portraiture, engagement, etc

  2. For a video-shoot for an event or such

  3. For any sort of creative collabs — LOVE those!

  4. Anddd to explore new places in downtown Toronto

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Creating professional quality videos that emanate improvement in the video editing process over the year

  2. Achieving an increased rate of social media engagement from the MacSci community through those videos.

Fun Fact About Me 

​I eat tomatoes like apples and I drink water in mugs. I am quirky :P

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