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Hailey Pinada.jpg

Hailey Pineda

Graphic Designer –

Life Sciences III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi! I'm Hailey and I am one half of the graphic designers for the MSS this year! When not creating graphics you can most definitely find me in HSL, MANY iced coffees deep, struggling with modules :) Feel free to come talk whenever!

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have questions about my role, year plan, or the MSS

  2. You have suggestions about a current or future design

  3. If you want to send me good music

Goals and Projects 

  1. Create visually engaging graphics

  2. Ensure all information within graphics is easily accessible

  3. Develop and maintain consistency in the MSS brand

Fun Fact About Me 

I am a strong believer that lime belongs on all foods. Prove me wrong.

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