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Nathalie Pulla Abasto

Graphic Designer –

Biology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi I'm Nathale and I'm one of the graphic designers this year and I am very excited to be back. I will be working really hard to create great designs to promote all our wonderful events and services. When I'm not working on graphics you can probably find me listening to music, quoting "The Office" or drawing dogs.

Please feel free to come and talk to me.

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. Questions about my role and/or projects

  2. If you see something that out of place

  3. Ideas for how we can improve

  4. If you want to send me dog pictures (please)

Goals and Projects 

  1. Create captivating and visually appealing designs

  2. Promote all our services & events

  3. Create consistency in our promotions

Fun Fact About Me 

I love dogs so much that I have a sweater and a hat that says "Tell your dog I say hi" so please tell them I say hi. I really enjoy Disney, The Office, Bobs Burgers and a bunch of other things.