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Official Constitution

  • Binding on the MSS and supersedes all previous constitutions, bylaws, policies, or related documents.

  • Information on the structure of the MSS.

  • Important definitions regarding membership and rights.

Executive Policy​

  • Information regarding the roles and responsibilities of both the core and peripheral executives.


Elections Policy​

  • Information regarding the setup, organization, regulations, and conduct of MSS elections.

Meeting Policy​

  • Information regarding the setup, organization, and conduct of executive meetings.

Hiring Policy​

  • Information regarding the hiring practices and protocols for McMaster Science Society Executive positions.

Promotions Policy​

  • Information regarding the process of requesting and generating promotional material through the McMaster Science Society.

Sponsorship Policy​

  • Information regarding sponsorships, including packages, fundraising, and requests.


Office Policy​

  • Information regarding MSS office regulations and conduct.

Sciclones Operating Policy​

  • Information regarding the organization, responsibilities, and structure of the Welcome Week Science Representatives (Sciclones).


Science Initiative Fund Operating Policy

  • Information regarding the Science Initiative Fund

MSS Program Society Policy.jpg

Program Society Policy

  • Information regarding the MSS Program Societies

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