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In order for this event to be successful, we require a team of dedicated individuals working together to manufacture a new-found vision for Formaldehyde. This year, we will be hiring three people to work with Samantha Luciani, the Formaldehyde Coordinator to help plan and organize this event throughout the year. 


Logistics Coordinator:  

Design Coordinator:  

Entertainment Coordinator:

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Role Descriptions

This document provides the full details of each position. Within it, you can find the roles and responsibilities, committments, and other information pertinent to each role. Below are brief descriptions to give a taste of what the role will entail.

Logistics Coordinator

Role Description: Have an eye for schedules, timing and efficiency? Want to be a part of the behind the scenes of making Formaldehyde 2020 run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved? Check out the full role descriptions and consider applying to be the Logistics Coordinator! 

Design & Décor Coordinator

Role Description: Have a certain artistic flare and passion for theme? The Design & Décor Coordinators will be responsible for taking the theme for the night and creating décor to make Formaldehyde 2020 a unique and beautiful experience for all those who attend. They will also be responsible for creating beautiful centerpieces, a photobooth, and ordering party favours for all attending guests. Check out the full role descriptions and consider applying to be a Design and Décor Coordinator!

Entertainment Coordinator

Role Description:  Want to bring even more life to the party at Formaldehyde 2020? The Events and Entertainment coordinator will be responsible for creating a unique and exciting experience for students in Carmen's Banquet Hall, as well as working to ensure there is something for everyone to enjoy their night at Formaldehyde! Check out the full role descriptions and consider applying to be the Events and Entertainment Coordinator! 

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