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Applications for the Graduation Committee are currently closed.


In order for this event to be successful, we require a team of dedicated individuals working together to manufacture a new-found vision for this year's graduation ceremony. This year, we will be hiring four people to work with David Aceituno Caicedo, the 4th Year Representative to help plan and organize this event throughout the year. 


Apply Now: 

Logistics Coordinator

Role Description: Have a passion for event planning or a desire to end your undergrad career in a fantastic way? Check out the Logistics Coordinator role - we're hiring for two positions! This role is responsible for assisting in logistical planning such as, but not limited to: venue, dates, entertainment, decor, organization of sign in of guests, and any other duties related to logistics.

Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator

Role Description: We've got a budget - but it can only get us so far - we want to create a bigger and better farewell event and that requires a little cash money flow so that we can give our all and more to this year's graduating scientists. This role is responsible for connecting the Committee with sponsors and sponsorship packages as well as developing strategies to maximize funds to contribute to the planning effort.

Finance Advisor

Role Description:  It's one thing to have money to provide an event - it's a completely different thing to be able to allocate appropriate funding to respective budgets. If you've got stingy fingers when it comes to cash, we want to see you in action! This role is responsible for ticket sales and allocating monetary resources towards appropriate aspects of the event.

Publicity and Outreach Coordinator

Role Description: We're people, you're people, wow, what a coincidence! We're looking for someone who isn't afraid to use their voice to talk to other people and can convince everyone that YES, this event will definitely be worth going to (and it will)! This role is responsible for promoting the event to all graduating science students and engaging with them in a positive manner, as well as connecting this event with relevant societies and groups on campus.

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