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Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have ideas on how we can improve our graphics.

  2. You would like to learn more about the role of an MSS graphic designer.

  3. You are looking for resources to improve your graphic design skills.

  4. You just want to chat about cool art and that sweet new font you discovered!

Claire Hastings

Graphic Designer –

Honours Kinesiology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi hello! My name is Claire and I am so excited to be one of the Graphic Designers for this year! I can't wait to develop my creative skills and work with my wonderful team to create engaging graphics for you all. But when I'm not doing that, you'll likely find me jamming out to Spotify, baking Banana Bread or finding cute dogs to cuddle! I'm always open to chat, so please say hello anytime!

Goals and Projects 

  1. Build upon and expand the existing MSS brand.

  2. Create engaging and recognizable graphics!

  3. Provide the MacSci community with resources & opportunities to learn about graphic design.

Fun Fact About Me 

Sternocleidomastoid is my favourite muscle in the human body!

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