Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. ​You have suggestions for future designs

  2. You see something out of place with the design and/or you have any constructive feedback to offer

  3. You have any questions about graphic design/projects/the MSS

  4. You have any recommendations for good ice cream places

Pranipa Ernest

Graphic Designer –

Biochemistry IV

About Me

Heyo! I'm Pranipa and I'm super excited to be one of the graphic designers for the MSS this year. Besides designing, I love going out to restaurants and trying new food.

Goals and Projects â€‹

  1. Create clean, eye-catching designs

  2. Exercise my creative muscles

  3. Help solidify the MSS brand

Fun Fact About Me â€‹

Once I had ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

My Year Plan

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