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About Us​

Current President: 

Gabby de Graaf

The purpose of the Human Behaviour Society is to enhance the university experience for all human behaviour students across all three streams. This includes the generalist stream, autism and behavioural sciences stream, and the early childhood education stream. We host both academic and social events to help students succeed and foster a sense of community within the program. Students in second year looking to get involved can apply to our peripheral executive team, and students of any level can join our mentorship program as either a mentor or mentee. Our goal is to represent our students, facilitate open communication between students, faculty, and other societies, and most importantly spread information and increase awareness about our wonderful program!

Human Behaviour Society 

Human Behaviour | Office Hours: Upon Request

Department Website:

HBS Logo - President HBS
HBS Logo - President HBS

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HBS Logo - President HBS
HBS Logo - President HBS

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Annual Events​

Due to Covid-19, events will look a little different this year but we still want to stay connected with all human behaviour students! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for more information about upcoming events, such as virtual game and trivia nights, question and answer sessions, and guest speakers.

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