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Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You have any questions about MSS Finance (budget, reimbursements, SOG...).

  2. You have general inquires about the MSS.

  3. You want to play science trivia.

  4. You want to recommend some sick shows.

  5. You want to chat about anything at all.

Angelica Estevez-Perez

Internal Financial Officer –

Honours Biochemistry II

My Year Plan

About Me

Heyy, MacSci! My name is Angelica, and I am thrilled to be working on the MSS as your IFO this year. I look forward to raising awareness about MSS fees allocation, and sharing with you the cool opportunities that we're able to offer thanks to them! My hobbies include watching forensics shows & documentaries, doing handstands, and sometimes, these two simultaneously. I would love to meet as many of you as possible!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Financial transparency and accountability.

  2. Greater student engagement with regards to MSS Finance.

Fun Fact About Me ​

I've had as many as 11 dogs at the same time, oop.

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