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Current President: 

Aileen Liu

The iSci Society organizes a number of events throughout the year to provide students with academic and career related resources, in addition to offering a variety of social events for students across all levels. This dedicated team is passionate about supporting iSci students in all aspects of university life, with our BigSib program, Peer Mentoring Network, and inclusive
social events. 

Executives on the iSci Society also represent iSci students on the Curriculum and Liaison
Committees, where we communicate with iSci professors to discuss any academic or mental wellbeing concerns. Our priorities involve offering academic and mental support for all students and building a strong sense of community within our program.

iSci Society

Integrated Science | Office Hours: Third Floor Thode; Upon Request

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Annual Events​​

iSci First Year Welcome Week: A week in September with various social events including labcoat tie-dying, potlucks, and karaoke night to help first years get to know each other and meet upper year iScis and professors.  
iSci Coffeehouse:
A showcase at Bridges Café featuring musical acts, performances, and artworks by iSci students.
Mythical Leap: An academic event that helps students get familiar with the process of applying for research positions and internships. 
Pi(e) and Ice Cream Social: A social hosted by the iSci Society and Math & Stats Society that celebrates Pi Day with math related activities and giving out free pie and ice cream to McMaster students.
Concentration Carnival: An academic event that allows first years to learn more about the streams they can choose upon entering second year. 
iCreate: This magazine features visual and written art of all mediums from all students, and offers a non-judgemental, positive space to collaborate and share ideas, stories, and perspectives.
Tri-Sci Events: Events and intramurals throughout the year for iSci, ArtSci, and Health Sci students. 
iSci Night Live (iSNL): Annual end-of-year comedy sketch event.

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