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About Us​

Current President: 

Sai Garlapati & Ashley Dhaliwal

The Life Science Society strives to represent a diverse group of students by promoting unity and excellence within the Life Science Program. With this, we aim to promote student learning through collaboration, as well as enhance students' knowledge and community awareness. As a student-run organization, we aim to help members develop a strong network of connections with both peers and Faculty staff members. From academic programs such as our Peer Mentorship Program to non-academic resources such as connections to volunteer organ-izations, social gatherings and fundraisers, the Life Science Society is committed to prov-iding Life Science students with opportunities to excel both academically and socially.

Life Science Society

Life Science | Office Hours: See Hours List Below | BSB B123

Department Website:

Annual Events​

McMaster Interdisciplinary Research Exposition (MIREx): Introduces students to innovative and inspiring work being done on campus and highlights the university's researchers.

Life Science Formal: An annual formal dedicated to our Honours Life Science students. 2019 is our third year hosting the formal and we hope it'll be bigger and better than before.  We hope to continue this event in the years to come and make it a tradition in constantly #BringingTheLifeBackInScience!

Peer Mentorship Program: This program connects students in Levels II, III, and IV of the Life Science program, allowing them to make connections and providing an avenue for academic and peer support. 

Office Hours

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