Hi, we're Sohnia Sansanwal, Lee-Ran Goodman, Tina Alda and Devon McAlpine, the current MacSci Minutes Coordinators. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email!

A message from the MacSci Minutes Coordinators:


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Hey McMaster Science, this is Lauren Vamos, Morgan Porteous and Sonny Kim, the new co-hosts of a new video show called MacSci Minutes. What is MacSci Minutes you ask? WellI MacSci Minutes is a new initiative by the MSS that allows you to learn all about what’s happening in science at McMaster and elsewhere. As your hosts we will give you the scoop behind advancements here at Mac, big science news in the world, play fun games, host exciting contests and take to the streets to ask you questions. If you have any ideas, questions or would like to be featured, please email us!


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