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Lee-Ran Goodman.jpg

Lee-Ran Goodman

MacSci Minutes Coordinator –

Life Science - Sensory Motor Systems III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey MacSci! I am super excited to be back as one of the MacSci Minutes coordinators for another year. I am a huge nerd for all things science, especially funny science jokes. In my free time, I enjoy singing (despite my awful voice) and scrolling endlessly through TikTok. Don't be afraid to say hi to me if you see me on campus, I'll probably show you a picture of my dog 

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. If you have any video ideas or suggestions for us for future videos

  2. Any concerns you may have about past videos

  3. You want to show me a picture of a cute dog / you want to see cute pictures of my dog

  4. You have a really funny science joke you want to share​

  5. Just cuz

Goals and Projects 

  1. To produce fun and engaging content that everyone can enjoy!

  2. Increase student engagement and awareness of opportunities and events happening on campus.

  3. Capture these fun events and make sure no one misses out!

Fun Fact About Me 

I used to do competitive gymnastics. Sometimes, I prefer walking around on my hands instead of my feet

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