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  3. Have questions about how to become more involved within the McMaster and Hamilton community

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Sohnia Sansanwal

MacSci Minutes Coordinator –

Honours Life Science II

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey there!! My name is Sohnia and I'm beyond excited to be a part of the MSS this year. As a Life Sciences student, I take tremendous pride in being able to study innovative ways of improving environmental and human health. When I’m not busy procrastinating, you can catch me spending way too much money on concert tickets and Booster Juice or running in Cootes.

Goals and Projects 

  1. Utilize the MacSci platform to promote exciting events and opportunities happening around campus (I Love Science Day, volunteering opportunities, etc.)

  2. Create fun, science-related content that has the ability to transcend faculty boundaries

  3. Educate students about how AWESOME MacSci truly is

Fun Fact About Me 

I am VERY prone to injury. I've had tendinitis in both of my legs, fallen out of a moving vehicle, had a tire rim dropped on my foot, punctured my leg with a bike handle, and much, MUCH more.

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