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Tina Alda

MacSci Minutes Coordinator –

Honours Biology IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey MacSci! I'm so excited to be apart of the MSS as one of the MacSci Minutes Coordinators! I hope we can interrupt your Monday's to provide you with 5 minutes of hilarious comedy while also showcasing the events and resources provided by the MSS. When I'm not annoying Nat, fighting with our equipment or trying to figure out why my mic isn't working, you can likely find me in either Thode or HSL, please stop by and say hi!

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have an opportunity which you wish to promote through a MacSci Minutes video

  2. You happen to be in possession of some strawberries that you wish to share

  3. You have any exclusive information that will allow me to better accomplish my goal #3

Goals and Projects 

  1. Broaden the focus of MacSci Minutes videos to increase student engagement and appeal to the entire McMaster student community

  2. Further connect McMaster science students with the opportunities and resources provided through the McMaster Science Society

  3. Be objectively funnier than Devon

Fun Fact About Me 

I'm 5'7

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