Alyssa Burrows

Mentorship Coordinator –

Honours Biology and Pharmacology Co-op IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi, I’m Alyssa and the moment I hit 'accept' to my McMaster admissions offer I feverishly looked forward to joining the MSS. This is my third year on the MSS and my second year in the Mentorship Co-ordinator role. I look forward to continue to grow the mentorship program and support both mentors and mentees. Mentorship has played a huge part in many of my endeavours as a student leader, wilderness instructor, dancer, 'improver' and as a young person who lives with anaphylaxis.

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have questions about the MSS first year mentorship program.

  2. You are interested in becoming a first year mentee or mentor.

  3. You have or know of a service/ resource that would benefit a first year or upper year science student.

  4. You are interested in collaborating on, creating, or expanding mentorship services within your program or faculty.

  5. You have questions about the Biology and Pharmacology program.

  6. You would like to go canoeing!

Goals and Projects 

  1. Grow the MSS First Year Mentorship program to 150 mentors and 500 mentees.

  2. Add to our resources by integrating more mentor input and alternative media platforms (ie. videos, live streams etc.).

  3. Increase engagement within the mentorship program through in person events.

  4. Develop a first year science resource book to support the academic, professional, and personal growth of first year science students.

  5. Connect and collaborate with program societies, faculty societies and other stakeholders (SSC, SCCE) to develop and support more mentorship opportunities within McMaster.)

  6. Advertise upper year mentorship opportunities to help support upper year students.

  7. Develop mentorship hiring policy and mentor code of conduct.

Fun Fact About Me 

  1. I enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and hiking so much that I have accumulated over 150 days back country camping. Places I have camped include: the Grand Canyon, Anticosti Island, Algonquin park, Frontenac park, Killarney, Georgian Bay, Missinabi River, and Bruce Pen.

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