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Applications for the Science Musical Staff are now CLOSED.


In order for this event to be successful, we require a team of dedicated individuals working together to manufacture a new-found vision for the Science Musical. This year, we will be hiring several individuals to work with Caitlin McAllister, the Musical Director to help plan and organize this event throughout the year. 

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Role Description: Responsible for overall development of the Musical including scheduling and budgeting.

Vocal Director

Role Description:  Responsible for arranging the vocal parts for the musical numbers as well as training the cast during rehearsals.

Music Director

Role Description: Responsible for writing the musical score and leading the orcehstra during rehearsals.


Role Description: Responsible for choreographing the dance numbers and training the cast during rehearsals.

Fundraising and Sponsorship

Role Description: Responsible for finding sponsors and organizing multilpe fundraisers to help keep the musical afloat financially.


Role Description: Responsible for designing all promotional material used in advertising the show.

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