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About Us​

Current President: 

AJ Parkin and Vivian Lo

The McMaster Neuroscience Society represents students within the Honours Neuroscience Undergraduate program and hosts events to foster our students’ academic and social success. We have a tight-knit cohort that we cultivate through Synapse (the MNS’ mentorship program), social events, and our weekly study nights. The McMaster Neuroscience Society facilitates networking opportunities between undergraduates, graduate students, and professors through graduate school information nights and various neuroscience conferences throughout the year.

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Annual Events​

  • Synapse Mentorship Program Social: Our annual mentorship social is a great opportunity for the incoming second year cohort to seek advice from upper year students, and for students to build an important mentor/mentee relationship. This program allows all three years of neuroscience students to join together, and provides an avenue to discuss experiences, opportunities, and academic or career directions.

  • Graduate School Information Session: An opportunity to learn how to apply for grad schools and scholarships from the McMaster School of Graduate Studies Admissions and Scholarships team. We also invite current graduate students to the session to share and discuss their experiences in grad school.

  • McMaster Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference: McMaster Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference (MUNC) is a research conference that bridges a connection between professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students interested in neuroscience research. MUNC is an opportunity to network, to seek answers to questions related to grad school, and to discuss the remarkable neuroscience research happening right here at McMaster.