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Here lies a record of the wonderful people who have been selected as recepients for the MSS scholarships and community builder awards. Any questions about the awards can be directed to Kalaisan Kalaichelvan at

2016 Winners

Community Builder Award

Vaidehi Patel

Life Science, Level I

“Vaidehi has inspired me to not only focus on my academics by also try to be more involved with the different clubs and organizations at McMaster.“

Tomas Lazarou

Chemical Biology, Level IV

“Tomas has had the capability of making me look at my faculty through a new light.“

Sera Whitelaw

Life Science, Level II

“Sera’s passion and excitement to meet new people positively influenced my experiences in second year.”

Ashley Adile

Biochemistry, Level II

“Ashley is the type of person who would be swamped in work, yet, will still find the time to see if you are doing well and invite you to a Science event that can be helpful to you.”

Sami Kurani

Earth & Environmental Science, Level II

“Whenever I see Sami around campus, he always has the biggest smile on his face and is the first person to greet you by name and say hi.“

Christelle Al-Sen

Life Science, Level III

“Christelle is one of the kindest and most trustworthy individuals I have met at McMaster, and has essentially created my Science connections.”

Outstanding Contributions to the Communitiy Award

Mario Hanna

Life Science (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster:
“It was at the end of the year, when a student described how I changed the trajectory of her first year. In leadership positions you often don’t realize the impact you had, and it was a great reminder of why student leaders do what they do."

Michael Gill

Integrated Science (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster:“Seeing those whom I was lucky to learn from and work with overcome initial uncertainties to go on and have a large impact."

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Aaron Goldberg

Integrated Science with Concentration in Physics (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: "Watching student’s eyes light up when guiding them through problem sets."

Abigail Lee

Biology (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: “When my second year volunteer experience in a lab turned into a summer job, an experiential learning opportunity and finally a peer reviewed published paper!”

2015 Winners

Community Builder Award

Kathy Jiang

Life Science, Level I

“Kathy makes me feel like
part of a family.”

Aquino Inigo

Biochemistry, Level II

“Aquino continuously
motivates me.”

Kevan McDougall

Life Science, Level III

“Kevan has been a pillar of support 
for me and others.”

Outstanding Contributions to the Communitiy Award

Ria Oommen

Biology (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster:
“Knowing that I was positively contributing to the education of other students as their TA.”

Victoria Tweedie

Integrated Science with Concentration in Earth & Environmental Science (HBSc)

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Miles Couchman

Physics (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: "Winning 1st place for a talk about my summer research investigating magnetically frustrated materials at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference.”

Rebecca Englert

Integrated Science with Concentration in Earth & Environmental Science (HBSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: “Presenting my undergraduate thesis at the Integrated Science Symposium.”

2014 Winners

Outstanding Contributions to the Communitiy Award

Brandon Tang

Biology & Psychology (BSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: “Reading my TA evaluations and feeling I made a true, positive 

difference in my students’ lives.”

Arjun Sithamparapillai


Proudest Moment at McMaster:
“Being honoured as the youngest SOCS
 President and Orientation Week Coordinator.”

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Michael Birch

Mathematics & Physics (BSc)

Proudest Moment at McMaster: “Receiving the Governor General’s Academic Medal 
at convocation from the Chancellor for my 12.0 GPA”

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