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Reasons to Contact Me

  1. If you need a professional headshot

  2. You want to practice your photography skills

  3. You would like to be a part of Scientists at McMaster

  4. You want to get sweet potato fries with me :)

Brittany Mascarenhas

Photographer –

Integrated Science IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi MacSci! My name is Brittany (she/her) and I’m super excited to be coming back to the MSS for the second time as one of the Directors of Photography!  I’m really excited to be able to capture the wonderful memories of Mac Science throughout the year and to showcase you all! You’ll most likely find me in Bridges with some sweet potato fries...please don’t hesitate to say hello!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Continue Scientists at McMaster

  2. Run Photography Workshops once per semester

  3. Host LinkedIn photoshoots

  4. Increase knowledge and engagement of all the above photography events!

Fun Fact About Me 

I have the most amazing doggo named Snowball. Ask me anytime and I will provide many pics:)

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