Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You need photographs taken of an event

  2. You want to be showcased on Scientists/Researchers at Mac

  3. You need/want some slick headshots

  4. You want to talk about anything and everything

Sahil Karnani

Photographer –

Honours Biochemistry II

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Sahil! I'm one half of the photography team for this year. I love watching movies, exploring new places, all the dogs in the world, and photography. Learning new things is a passion of mine, and I'm not afraid to try something different. I can't wait for this year with the MSS, and I can't wait to see all of you in front of the lens!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Photographing McMaster Science Society Events

  2. Scientists/Researchers at Mac

  3. LinkedIn Photoshoots

Fun Fact About Me 

I am the biggest geek for "the office"

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