Alexis Chacon

Photographer –

Molecular Biology and Genetics III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey there! My name is Alexis and I am one of two photographers for the MSS this year! I am super excited to be doing something I love and capturing the essence of university life through the lens of a camera. I love meeting new people, hiking, my pets, and science (obviously who doesn't amiright??)

Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You need a photographer for an event (or for some rad insta pics)

  2. You want to participate in a LinkedIn Photoshoot

  3. You want to participate in Scientists/Research at Mac

  4. Or you have any questions about the MSS or McMaster in general!

Goals and Projects ​

  1. Photographing the MSS, students, faculty and all the upcoming events

  2. LinkedIn Photoshoots (an opportunity for science students to receive a professional headshot)

  3. Scientists/Research at Mac (to showcase science students and super interesting research being conducted at Mac)

Fun Fact About Me 

I have the same size head as a five year old boy

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