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Current President: 

Sara Evans

The McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society (MUPS) is a liaison between a cohort of over 100 undergraduate physics students, the Department of Physics & Astronomy, and the McMaster Science Society (MSS). Being a part of MUPS is like being a part of a family. We understand the struggles, like finishing lab reports the night before they’re due, but we also understand the joys, like solving a differential equation with a series solution on the first try! We strive to foster a caring community within physics and provide resources for students in science.


During the COVID-19 pandemic we look forward to continuing to support students socially and academically while improving the accessibility of all our events with the assistance of the MSS. We always strive to do better, so reach out to us at any time!

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McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society

Physics | Office Hours: We'd be happy to chat about your ideas or concerns! Send us an email! | ABB 201 (Directly above ABB 102)

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Annual Events​

  • Workshops: Learn Python, LaTeX, and accessible science communications

  • Social Nights: Get to know your fellow physics students at our virtual social events this year

  • Mentorship Program: Talk to upper year undergraduate students and graduate students about summer research, thesis, and post-graduation options

  • Physics Help Initiative (PHI): A (now virtual) volunteer tutoring service to help students in first year physics classes with homework problems, concepts and assignments.

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