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Current President: 

Sara Evans

The McMaster Physics Society (MUPS) is a liaison between a cohort of 100 undergraduate physics students, the Department of Physics & Astronomy, and the McMaster Science Society (MSS). We strive to best represent your needs to both parties to create the best possible experience as an undergrad in physics.


Being a part of MUPS is like being a part of an extended family. We understand the struggles, like finishing lab reports the night before they’re due, but we also understand the joys, like solving a differential equation with a series solution on the first try! We foster a caring community that looks out for one another, and we’ll make your years in physics the best they can possibly be!

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McMaster Undergraduate Physics Society

Physics | Office Hours: Upon Request | ABB 201 (Directly above ABB 102)

Department Website:

Annual Events​

Lab Tours: Come tour some of the cool physics labs with us!

Meet the Profs Night: A night where you can mingle with P&A professors.

Workshops: Seminars where you can drop in to learn various skills including python coding, document formatting, and more.

Research Night: Learn about all the cool research that happens in the department and look for opportunities yourself!

Social Nights: Regular gatherings at local pubs where you can interact with undergrads of all years.

Various Social Events: Including bowling and ping-pong! 

Food is often provided at our events!

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