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About Us​

Current Presidents: 

Golda Osei-Bonsu and Randy Su

The Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour Society aims to provide events, activities, information, and advice to psychology students within any level. We hold social and academic events that facilitate student growth through faculty and peer interaction. The society offers numerous ways in which students can get involved through our second year ambassador program, the peer mentoring service and tutoring services for various courses within the department. The primary goal of the society is to accomplish integration of the 4+ specializations to create a feeling of a 'cohort' within and across the different levels of the program.

Annual Events​

  • PNB Wine & Cheese: A more sophisticated method of spending time together.

  • PNB Mentorship Program: Incoming second-year students get to pair up with upper-year PNB students to share and exchange knowledge!

  • PNB Ambassadors Team: Collaborate with the VP Leadership to help out the PNB Society!

  • PNB General Assembly: An opportunity to connect with your respective student bodies on the PNB Council.

  • Exam De-Stressors: Includes activities such as yoga, self-defense, and snacks while studying.

  • PNB Formal (TBD)

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PNB Society - Randy Su
PNB Society - Randy Su

PNB Society - Randy Su
PNB Society - Randy Su