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ASTRON 1F03: Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics

Contrary to popular belief this is NOT A BIRD COURSE! The tests were not extremely difficult but there is a lot of content to learn for them (especially if you zone out during lectures). The slides were always posted and quite thorough which was a useful study resource and I found I used the textbook quite a bit as well. (Wadsley 2018)

I took this course because it sounded very interesting! Learning about our solar system seems like something that would interest me and i heard a ton of business students take it as their bird course. Unfortunately, this IS NOT A BIRD. There were labs every other week done in class that were based on the lecture material and were quite time consuming and difficult, especially if you didn't review! There was also homework problems that weren't too bad but i put a lot more effort into it than you should for an elective. The material was overall interesting but there is A LOT. Dr. Wadsley does give like 100 questions to prepare you for the midterm and exam but its still so much information and memorization. My final thoughts are if you're interested in astrophysics and the solar system and are willing to put a lot of effort, then I recommend taking it. If you decide to take it because you want an easy elective, DON'T DO IT!! There are far more easier courses to take that will boost your GPA! Dr. Wadsley 2018.