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BIOCHEM 2B03 - Nucleic Acid Structure and Function

Very good course to get the foundations for understanding molecular biology techniques used in lab today. There's a lot of content in this course, so make sure to keep up with the lecture notes and don't leave all the studying to the day before the midterms - you won't have enough time. - Dr. Hope and Dr. Singh 2017

Fall 2018 with professors Singh and Hope. Tldr; GO TO LECTURES Profs are amazing, very good at explaining concepts and have really good slides. Slides are enough, the textbook is good for clarifying concepts but not really necessary if you pay attention in class. The textbook does have a lot of extra detail so you have to fish out the relevant bits. Office hours are held by TAs and are useful for one to one attention and the TAs are great at handling questions. The midterms are fair if you study the lecture notes well. The group assignment is based on papers which are so tedious to read, you do need to spend a fair bit of time to understand the paper. The exam is where most people stumble, you have to understand the papers the profs go over in class, it can be hard but overall is a great course; well structured, good profs, easy to do well if you put in effort.