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BIOCHEM 4E03 - Gene Regulation in Stem Cells and Development

Probably one of the most rewarding courses I've taken at McMaster in terms of the amount of knowledge gained. That being said, it's a difficult course and requires a lot of time dedicated towards it. There are 1 - 2 online quizzes per week, 2 midterms and an exam. There are a lot of details to know and the molecular techniques you learn in this class are difficult and sometimes hard to grasp (particularly for the first midterm). A great course, but very time consuming. - Dr. Doble 2018

Probably the most interesting course and my favorite course ive taken so far, naturally thought it is heavy in content, this year it was taught primarily by Dr Doble, and most of the material was from the slides, next year I don't know how/if it will change