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BIOLOGY 1A03 - Cellular and Molecular Biology

Big picture is important to this course, making those connections is vital, 2016 Da Silva

WATCH THE MODULES! Many people don't do well in this course because they postpone the modules for another time. That is not a good idea! At the very least, read through the script prior to the weekly review lecture to be able to understand what the prof is talking about, because they assume you have watched the modules already.

Try and keep up with watching the modules during the week. I know that it takes a long time, but it is so much worse to leave it to the last minute and have to watch all of the modules at once. Try to use quizlets or flashcards to memorize the nitty gritty details and a mindmap for the big picture. Good Luck!

The textbook was legitimately helpful for understanding and labs

Focusing on lecture material is enough. Do not spend time on textbook, unless you want to clarify a material or to learn more about something. With that said, lecture material+modules should be studied completely.