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CLASSICS 2MT3 - Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology

practice practice practice, invent stories for the words, flipcards - Dr. Rusell 2017

There are quizlets for pretty much every Med Term chapter. Do those regularly whenever you have an extra 10 minutes to get familiar with the words and it'll make it feel like you barely have to study for this course. It's an easy 12 if you put in a little bit of work, but it's not a bird course in the sense that you still need to study for it regularly. - Dr. Russell 2017

12-vable but not a bird course. The course is designed so that a 12 is achievable with moderate studying time. There is an online practice that that has unlimited tries, which means you can get the 100 on it, and that's 20% of your mark. Try to get a really high mark on Test 1 (Test 2 is harder!) Also, this allows you to skip Test 2 in case you have a loaded week (but don't let yourself get behind the memorizing work). The last quarter of the course gets more challenging.

Highly recommend on taking it if you are going into the healthcare or medical field. Dr. Russell is a great and caring prof, he always offers extra help if you ask for it! Moodle (online exercises that count for marks, but you get unlimited tries) makes the course easier because it is free marks and practice at the same time. The exam was long, but not hard (all MCQ) and the 2 tests (he takes the best one of the 2) are pretty fair because he tries to mark flexibly when there can be multiple answers. This is not the course for people who are not willing to put effort in, but it is definitely 12-veable if you practice! - Fall 2018 Dr. Russell

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