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Chris Simon

President –

Integrated Science IV

My Year Plan

About Me

Hey MacSci! I'm Chris and am honoured to be your 2019/20 MSS President. I'm in my 4th year at Mac and am very excited to continue my involvement with the MSS. Along with my amazing team of executives, we strive to enrich your university experience by coordinating academic support services, hosting exciting student outreach events, supporting program societies, and so much more. Aside from academics and the MSS, I love photography, DIY projects, and taking things apart to discover how they work.

Reasons to Contact Me​

​1. You have questions about the MSS
2. You're looking to get involved with our services/events
3. You want to get in touch with an MSS executive but aren't sure who to contact
4. You're passionate about an idea and want to see represented/supported by the MSS
5. You want to connect with the Faculty of Science

Goals and Projects ​

​1. Continue to build a welcoming and inclusive MSS, which is cognizant of the needs of science students and provides services, resources, and events to meet these needs.
2. Support program societies during their first year as completely sustained by the MSS
3. Audit MSS initiatives to improve support for students beyond first year.
4. Use the Student Choice Initiative to motivate more efficient budget use and improved financial transparency
5. Have Fun! Ensure that the MSS runs enjoyable events, and is a worthwhile experience for all involved

 Fun Fact About Me ​ 

I have 4 younger brothers - it's a big sports family