Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. You are interested in assisting in the planning of Quantum Leap.

  2. You are a graduate of McMaster Science who would like to share their experiences in the work force with current students.

  3. You have suggestions as to what you would like to see in a career conference

Spencer Leidl

Quantum Leap Coordinator –

Biology V

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Spencer and I am so excited to be this years Quantum Leap Coordinator! One reason I wanted to plan this conference is to help graduating students like myself explore options for careers and next steps out of undergrad. In my spare time I like to sing, read and bake!

Goals and Projects β€‹

  1. Continue to grow the Quantum Leap Conference by raising attendee count.

  2. Continue to diversify the speaker roster of the conference by inviting individuals from academy, industry and clinical settings.

Fun Fact About Me β€‹

I am really good at cornmazes!

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