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Hi, I'm Olivia Mann-Delany, the current Quantum Leap coordinator. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email!

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A message from the Quantum Leap Coordinator:


Hello McMaster science students! My name is Olivia Mann-Delany and I am extremely thrilled to be the QLC for this year. The QL Conference was founded in 2016 with the principle of introducing a multitude of career opportunities available upon graduation of a STEM degree, and additionally, in concurrence with their undergraduate studies. I would like to thank my predecessor Spencer Leidl and her QL planning team for providing a detailed transition report and recognize their hard work and efforts put into the success of QL last year. This year, I hope to work closely with the MSS and potential collaborators to build off previous efforts in this conference and further expand upon the QL role, given the circumstances of an online fall semester. 


At such an uncertain time, many students may be stressed about their future career in science. A common question is how to prepare for entry into the dynamic employment market. Another important question is what industry is best-suited for the specialized skills a student has acquired during undergraduate studies. In the MacSci community, you independently decide the path of your educational journey based on your undergraduate program, potential specializations, extracurriculars and volunteer opportunities. In a similar way, McMaster students must decide how they can best apply their specialized skills to the industry. The key to career exploration is to not set limitations around the opportunities you search for and avoid applying a strict outline to your life, whether it be a 5 year, or 10 year plan. As the previous VP Careers of the McMaster Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Society, I have learned to not fear unexpected opportunities, or challenges you never considered tackling. The most thrilling aspects of life spark from the unanticipated journeys.

This year, as QLC I encourage attendees to be realistic about their future career opportunities, and eager to explore the vastly unknown post-undergraduate pathways available. Although you may want to pursue graduate and postdoctoral studies, it is time to expand your career horizons. Through potential collaboration with the McMaster Social Sciences Society (MSSS) this year we will explore the bridge between STEM, social science, communication, and analyze the direction of industry. Technology is of the utmost importance in this age, and I want to provide workshops that integrate software and science, alternative platforms for learning, wet lab and dry lab, scientific writing, and resume building. MacSci will have it all this year, despite an online fall, I want to bring the science community together and support as many students as I can through this role. Please let me know, reach out, say hello if you have any questions, comments, or ideas about the upcoming conference!


Olivia Mann-Delany
Quantum Leap Coordinator


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