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The McMaster Science Society is proud to provide a multitude of services for students in the Faculty of Science. These services provide access to tutoring, mentorship, science news, funding, and even a lounge for study and discussion. Here is an overview of the different services along with a brief description. Click on the arrow to learn more!

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MSS Card

The MSS Card gives you discounts at various local Hamilton businesses. Check out what you can use it for!

MacSci Minutes

Tune in and listen to our show bi-weekly to learn some fascinating science things, hear what some of your talented peers are doing, catch some good music, and even participate in fun monthly contests!

Mentorship Program

A novel service for incoming first years in the Faculty of Science that strives to make the transition into university easier by providing academic resources and upper year support.

The Science Lounge

It is our pleasure to announce that starting in September, we will have an official lounge that will be used as both a social and academic room for science students. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ontario Science Students' Association

The OSSA is an initiative with the purpose of joining the Science student leaders from universities across Ontario. The association serves as a support figure for the students. 


A brand new initiative that strives to inspire current undergraduate science students to discover and pursue their true passions by sharing the experiences of MacSci alumni. 

Tutoring Program

A new initiative by the MSS that strives to provide affordable learning services for students in the Faculty of Science.

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