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Term I Important Dates:

Deadline to submit applications for feedback: November 11, 2021 @ 11:59PM


Deadline for SIF applications:

November 25th, 2021 @11:59PM

A message from the Grants & Funds Directors:


Dear MacSci,


We would like to first acknowledge the work done by past SIF Co-Directors who have greatly advanced SIF’s mission by increasing the diversity of SIF’s promotional methods, updating the SIF database to reflect recently funded projects, posting an instructional video on the MSS website, and streamlining the marking process by updating the rubric. We hope to build upon these pillars of support as well as add initiatives of our own to further strengthen the SIF program.  


Specifically, we have the following objectives: 1) improving our social media presence and student outreach, 2) making our application process and website more accessible and user-friendly, and 3) collaborating with and expanding our wonderful board of directors. The Science Initiative Fund has the potential to aid the feasibility of many meaningful projects within the Faculty of Science and McMaster as a whole, and we would like to encourage more individuals and groups to take advantage of this resource.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have; we look forward to talking to you about the SIF.


Christian Jacobsen-Perez, Keshikaa Suthaaharan & Other

Grants & Funds Directors

SIF Office Hours:

Every Friday from 1:30 - 2:30

Email to schedule an appointment outside of office hours


About the SIF

The Science Initiative Fund (SIF) began as The Academic Science Fund in 2011 in response to an increasing need to renew and update services related to the undergraduate science experience. Using similar funds at McMaster as a model, such as the McMaster Laboratory Advancement Benefaction (macLAB) in the Faculty of Engineering, a dedicated group of students worked with the administration to establish a program for collecting contributions from all full-time students enrolled in the Faculty of Science. 


Since 2016, the Academic Science Fund has been known as the Science Initiative Fund and continues its work of empowering students who have innovative ways of bettering the Faculty of Science. The SIF Board of Directors (formally, known as the Academic Science Fund Committee) administering the fund is composed of both students and faculty members within the Faculty of Science. 


The SIF represents the hard work and foresight of a student body committed to ensuring the quality of their education at McMaster and the education of future McMaster science students. The purpose of the SIF is to support student-led initiatives dedicated towards improving the undergraduate experience for Science students at McMaster University. Proposals can include but are not limited to the improvement of laboratory facilities, non-annual student conferences, student life enhancement projects. For a comprehensive list of past funded projects, please visit the SIF database (The link is on the left!).

How to applY?


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