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Term II Important Dates:

Deadline to submit applications for feedback: March 23, 2021


Deadline for SIF applications:

April 6, 2021

SIF Office Hours:

Every Wednesday from 1:30 - 2:30

Email to schedule an appointment outside of office hour

A message from the SIF Directors:


Dear MacSci,


The Science Initiative Fund (SIF), previously known as the Academic Science Fund, was established in 2011 with the goal of supporting student life and academic projects within the Faculty of Science. Projects funded by SIF include the Ontario Science Games, an annual weekend long competition between science students, and newer projects such as Sciential, one of McMaster’s Undergraduate science journals, with the goal to publish and share a variety of research pieces written by students and faculty members at McMaster.

Since its name change in 2016 from the Academic Science Fund to the Science Initiative Fund, this MSS service has continued to empower students and faculty who have had innovative ways of bettering the McMaster community. Past SIF Co-Directors have greatly advanced SIF’s mission by promoting awareness within program societies, increasing promotion on social media, and collaborating with a diverse group of individuals for the Board of Directors. We hope to build upon these pillars of support as well as add initiatives of our own to further strengthen the SIF program.

The previous SIF Co-Directors had the goal of increasing promotion to underrepresented groups on campus, bringing similar ideas together, and increasing accessibility and promotion of SIF. As the incoming SIF Co-Directors, we want to build upon the previous goal and further add four more objectives: increase the diversity of promotional methods of promoting SIF, update the SIF database to reflect recently funded projects, post an instructional video on the MSS website, and streamline the marking process by updating the rubric. The Science Initiative Fund has the potential to aid the feasibility of many meaningful projects within the Faculty of Science and McMaster as a whole, and we would like to encourage more individuals and groups to take advantage of this resource.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have; we look forward to talking to you about SIF.


Julia Bullied and Keshikaa Suthaaharan

Science Initiative Fund Co-Directors 


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