Ishita Paliwal

SIF Director –

Integrated Science III

My Year Plan

About Me

Hi, everyone! My name is Ishita, and I am thrilled to be one of the SIF Directors on the MSS! I love trying different things, whether it is new experiences or food. I have been an Indian classical dancer for ten years, and I like to destress by going on hikes with friends. I also really enjoy working with children and have been doing so for five years as a tutor and swim instructor.

Reasons to Contact Me​

  1. For any reason at all!

  2. If you want to learn more about SIF and how it can support your ideas.

  3. If you have any ideas for improving SIF.

Goals and Projects β€‹

  1. Increasing awareness about the availability of SIF for students through various forms of promotions.

  2. Updating the SIF database to showcase current projects.

  3. Improve the efficacy of allocation meetings by allowing a better visualization of each application.

Fun Fact About Me β€‹

I tend to travel somewhere new with my family every year!

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