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Applications for the SIF Executive Team are currently closed


Along with the SIF Co-Directors and the McMaster Science Society executive, we are encouraging individuals to join our executive team! Below is a brief description of the responsibilities of each role on the SIF Executive Team.


Clubs and Program Society Coordinators:  

SIF Database Coordinator:  

Logistics Coordinator:

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Clubs and Program Society Coordinators (2)

Role Description: 

  • Work with clubs and program societies within the Faculty of Science to organize presentations at club and program society meetings to discuss SIF and answer any questions they may have

  • Work with program societies to see if their exec team would be willing to do class talks about SIF closer to the application deadline

SIF Database Coordinator

Role Description: 

  • Contact previously funded projects for photos of their event/equipment and any social media pages they have and update the SIF Database accordingly

  • Work with the Webmaster to update the SIF Database



Role Description: 

  • Work to assist in planning workshops for potential applicants

  • Assist with any large class talks

  • Assist in contacting professors for Avenue to Learn Posts

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