Reasons to Contact Me

  1. You have an opportunity which you wish to promote on our social media channels.

  2. You have a question/query/concern about anything that was recently posted to one of our social media accounts.

  3. You wish to learn more about my plans/goals for the year.

  4. You want someone to rant to about CHEM 1A03/1AA3 (we all go through it, but I promise you it'll be alright).

Nicole Wong

Social Media Director –

Honours Chemical Biology Co-op III

My Year Plan

About Me

What's up MacSci? I couldn't be happier to be returning once again to the MSS Executive, this time as the Social Media Director! Being a part of the team for two years has shown me the crucial role of promotions in ensuring we can provide the most opportunities for you. When I'm not in the MSS Office, you'll most likely find me in ABB...don't hesitate to stop me and say hello!

Goals and Projects 

  1. Increase MSS social media outreach through execution of a full social media plan and analysis of online insights.

  2. Improve accessibility of MSS social media.

  3. Increase activity on all of our social media platforms - speaking of which, did you know that the MSS is on LinkedIn?

  4. Utilize our Instagram to highlight student activity and achievements within the Faculty of Science.

  5. Make sure that everyone is in the know about what's happening with the MSS, ensuring more students hear about the opportunities that we have to offer!

Fun Fact About Me 

My not-so-biological twin is also in the Chemical Biology program at McMaster! If you meet a girl named Naomi Wong, you've found my other half (but for real though, people get us confused all of the time).

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