Applications for the Student Opportunity Grant will close on March 16th, 2020. 

The MSS recognizes that some of the most valuable experiences occur outside the classroom. However, often these have associated costs. In response, the MSS is willing to contribute to making your opportunities into a reality. Any questions can be directed to the current VP Finance, Leah Kogan, at


To apply, fill out the provided application and submit the completed form to Leah Kogan at


Celeste Bouchard

“It was really exciting to be allowed the opportunity to present research at a national conference in Ottawa as undergraduate students. As exciting as the idea sounded, there were a lot of expensive logistics to worry about. Luckily, the Student Opportunity Grant from the McMaster Science Society relieved us of the financial stress so that we could just enjoy the experience and share our hard work with other academics!”

Jared Valdron

“The Student Opportunity Grant has helped me have a once in a life-time experience: conducting scientific research in Japan. With psychology as my field, simply being in this rich and distinct culture for an extended period of time is of monumental value to my research moving forward. Even beyond academic levels, however, visiting Japan has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I have not been disappointed by any means. The student opportunity grant contributed towards an expensive flight ticket that was a significant barrier to my pursuing this experience, and for that I am very grateful.”