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Simranjeet Singh

Science Caucus Leader

Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization IV 


Fun Fact

I mess up my sleep schedule every weekend and pretty much become nocturnal by Sunday.

Goals and Projects 

I have a few main sustainability-oriented goals that I hope to achieve. They are quite ambitious so I'd be lying if I thought I will get them all done, but I will try my best ;D.


Two Main Goals:

  1. Waste Management System Review of McMaster. Hopefully with classes returning to in-person formats in the Winter 2021 term, I will work with various other MSU services, Hospitality Services, the Libraries, and Facility Services to conduct a pilot project. This pilot project will focus on assessing the waste produced by students over a certain time period (say 1 week). I hope that this pilot project can give more thorough information than existing audits about how students dispose of waste. The findings will be used to make better recommendations to the university of future steps that will improve waste management at McMaster.

  2. Sustainability and Experiential Learning Initiative. The goal of this initiative introduce more sustainability themes in a greater number of McMaster courses, even if they are not explicitly sustainability or environment-related courses. I hope that this initiative will allow a greater number of students to be exposed to sustainability ideas in their classes, ideas which I hope they take with them to future workplaces and institutions. This, combined with more hands-on, experiential learning will allow students to get a deeper understanding of how to engage with the community and implement their ideas.


Other goals I will try to accomplish:

  1. Helping to create a Sustainability Fund for students with sustainability-initiatives they would like to implement.

  2. Continually engaging with students to ensure issues of grave social importance (such as identity-based discrimination, student safety concerns...) are addressed by the SRA.

  3. Advocate for an Honours pathway in the Medical Radiation Sciences program. The purpose of this initiative is to allow Medical Radiation Sciences students to diversify their education and more easily pursue research related to medical imaging if they desire. If successful, an Honours pathway would make the Medical Radiation Sciences program even more unique and give it clear advantages to similar programs from other institutions.

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Danial Aminaei

Science Caucus Member

Honours Life Sciences IV

Goals and Projects 

  1. Adopting actionable strategies for increasing student engagement

  2. Boosting social media presence by posting a summary of each official meeting and advertising the available peripheral opportunities in the assembly.

  3. Conducting surveys to evaluate MSU services and developing a suggestion/feedback drive.

  4. Support and launch new environmental sustainability initiatives such as improved waste management and solar panel initiative.

  5. Advocating for experiential learning opportunities in the community within the curriculum.

Fun Fact

I'm a die-hard Liverpool fan, and I have lived in three different continents!

Smiley Face

Denver Della-Vedova

Science Caucus Member

Honours Life Science IV

Goals and Projects 

I would love to see continued reform in the way in which we handle club funding, both streamlining it and ensuring clubs get an appropriate amount of funds for their size and involvement in the McMaster community. As well I plan to heavily follow along with how McMaster handles a reduction in resources during this time.

Fun Fact

I play guitar pretty good, I'm running guitar club and am on macBEAT. Come check them out!

IMG_2520 - Armin Sariaslani.jpg

Fun Fact

I try to watch the Bee Movie at least once a month

Armin Sariaslani

Science Caucus Member

Life Sciences IV - Sensory Motor Systems Specialization 

Goals and Projects 

  1. Advocating for accessibility of academic advising and professional services considering the inability to provide these services in-person in this academic year.

  2. Advocating for transparent communications regarding the University’s plans for reopening to provide the information necessary for the students to plan accordingly.

  3. Creating a framework for direct communications between SRA members and the students to address the specific concerns that many students have regarding MSU’s operations.

  4. Prioritizing the privacy of the students considering the new format of content delivery and testing so the students are not required to choose between privacy and academic success.

Goals and Projects 

This year is really special and challenging for all of us. This academic year my goals are to work with the MSS and SRA to increase accessibility and sustainability on campus and online. With the majority of the interactions being online I aim to advocate for accessible and user-friendly platforms to optimize the online learning and teaching experience. I hope to work with the VP Education and SAS to ensure that online experience addresses the needs of the students. Being on the services committee I also aim to make sure that the services provided by the MSU are beneficial and accessible to the student body. Despite the challenges this academic year, we hope to provide a great year to all the students. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding the SRA or all things science.

Simran Dhindsa

Science Caucus Member

Honours Life Sciences II - Origins of Disease

Smiley Face

Fun Fact

I have stitches on my chin from when I fell of the swing as a child but I have never broken a bone :)

Goals and Projects 

My main focus for the year is to find ways to ensure that experiential learning opportunities for science students are maintained even through a remote learning environment. I hope that through these opportunities, students will feel more connected to their academic journey and the faculty. I also hope to support my fellow caucus members in their sustainability and mental health initiatives.

Gail Del Castillo

Science Caucus Member

Biology III - Discovery


Fun Fact

My current hobby is upcycling clothes and making face masks :)


Christy Au-Yeung

Science Caucus Member

Integrated Sciences IV

Goals and Projects 

  1. Increase environmental sustainability: Provide resources (either informational or financial) for students to pursue sustainability projects from home. Improve compost bin accessibility by piloting a project with increase compost bins throughout campus (when in person classes become feasible) and do an audit of how waste in managed on campus.

  2. Work on a policy for student extenuating circumstances to ensure all students in extenuating circumstances are able to receive adequate and timely support from professors and their faculty.

Fun Fact

I miss the mushroom burgers from Bridges :(

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